Teaser – Netware 4.11 and Dos/WIN workstation running on a Raspberry Pi 4

Just a teaser shot of what is coming. Enjoy! Netware 4.11 Starting up on a Raspberry 4 with DOS/WIN 3.11 workstation. Better shots and instructions on the [...]

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Install Novell Netware on the Raspberry PI – QEMU Prep

I am old school. I started my Netware crusade in 1989 when you had to generate the client from OBJ files. Later Netware 2.2 made things simpler but 3.x was a major leap [...]

Ubuntu – Where is my 5 Ghz Wifi on my PI?

After installing Ubuntu Mate or the full blown Ubuntu 20.10, you will not be able to connect to your 5 Ghz Wifi. This is due to the county code not being set. Open up [...]

Install Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

Requirements: Raspberry Pi (Any model will do) PC or Laptop with SD/Micro SD card slot - (Note that some Pi Models have a regular SD Card slot while others are [...]

Installing Netware 3.12 on VMWare

Bringing back the good old days of Netware 3.12 is one of the coolest things to do. [...]

Install Webmin on your Raspberry PI (Stretch)

Webmin is a wonderful tool to have on your Raspberry PI and it is quit simple to install. [...]